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Seeking Covid-19 Hygiene Services? Our Antibacterial Mist Treatment is a superior and highly-effective alternative to typical Office Deep Cleaning Services, helping you win the fight against coronavirus!  

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Looking for a complete suite of Covid-19 Hygiene Services? You’ve found them!

Keen to support organisations to tackle the issues the current pandemic presents across their working environments, our Hygiene Services Team now offer an affordable Antibacterial Mist Treatment. A highly effective alternative to typical Office Deep Cleaning Services. 

Killing the virus on all hard surfaces, our Antibacterial Mist Treatment contains Benzalkonium Chloride, an effective antimicrobial agent against coronavirus.

But of course, we include in this treatment a thorough High Touch Point Clean, the thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all hard-touch areas. With Key Worker Status, whether your business is currently operating, or standing closed until lockdown restrictions are lifted, we can help. For the complete package of Covid-19 Hygiene Services, think Key West.

According to the World Health Organisation,
“It is not certain how long the virus that causes COVID-19 survives on surfaces, but studies suggest that coronaviruses may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days”

It’s clear that the next challenge to face organisations who have furloughed staff, or paused their operations, is to navigate the valid concerns of those expected to return to spaces that were likely once infected.

Our Antibacterial Mist Treatment is an effective alternative to typical Office Deep Cleaning Services, and a great way, supported by hard science, to put these valid concerns at ease. With regular treatments once re-open, you can continue to support your employees through what may be a worrying and difficult return to work.

For those able to maintain operations, we can arrange regular treatments, to reduce the risk for your staff and customers entering the premises.

Please note, while the Antibacterial Mist Treatment we offer is enormously effective, and as thorough as we are in deploying our High Touch Point Clean, 100% eradication of biological/viral pathogens cannot be guaranteed.


We love hearing from happy commercial customers of our Covid-19 hygiene services. Here are just a few of the lovely responses we received.

“Key West Pest Control’s antibacterial mist treatment effectively and efficiently disinfected and protected our office from Covid-19. They were flexible and professional and it was a wholly uncomplicated process. This has strengthened our confidence in the safety of our building and reassured us that our business can continue to operate during the pandemic and that our employees can return to a secure working environment”. 


Bracken Workspace

“Remote work has a lot of advantages, but in a creative industry like ours you miss the dynamic atmosphere we crave, no matter how many Zoom calls we have. So, it was key that we get our staff back to the building as quickly and safely as possible. While social distancing and hand-sanitisers around the building are vitally important, we also wanted to give our team the additional reassurance that we had done everything possible to ensure good hygiene. That’s why we decided to use Key West’s anti-bacterial fogging throughout the office and will continue to do so every month for the foreseeable. The majority of our team are now back working in the office and the buzz has returned back to the company.”




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