How pest-proof are your commercial properties?

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How pest-proof are your commercial properties?

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  • Warehouses
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Our team will run a thorough examination of your property, compiling a risk report as we go.

At the end of our check, we’ll provide you with a report highlighting any areas of risk around the building that could provide access to pests, any existing pest problems we may uncover, as well as helpful advice to prevent pest activity and protect your commercial property from infestation.

With over 20 years in the industry of Pest Control, and decades spent helping both commercial and residential clients reclaim their pest-free properties, we know a thing or two about the pest-related risks facing every business.



Let’s start with the first rule of Pest Control, Prevention and Protection! Many of our commercial clients, who are household brands, are armed with the confidence that we’re preventing pest activity, providing advice to protect their business from infestation and of course treating any existing issues.

We’ve said it before, it’s not about the call to remove a pest problem, it’s knowing there’ll likely never be one because the problem is either maintained, or has been prevented.

Warehouses, Factories, Plants and Distribution Centres

A pest infestation could be very costly. Not only risking the integrity of the building itself, a pest problem could destroy or contaminate the stock inside it and put the health and safety of not only employees, but the product’s final recipient, at risk. Businesses dealing in Import and Export have the added risk of exotic pests, spreading to the UK, and even into the homes of the end customer.

Restaurants, Gastro Pubs and Takeaways

With a pest-free policy and hygiene rating to uphold, an untreated or poorly treated pest problem could lead to temporary closures, hefty fines, court appearances, negative press and even permanent closures. With the enormous risk a pest problem in these environments could pose to customers, working with a experienced and thorough pest controller is essential.

Pubs, Bars and Clubs

Just do a google search. The absence of food on the menu doesn’t make a pest problem any less dangerous to the public drinking in your establishments, or effect their willingness to leave a scathing google review.


Pest problems could risk the destruction or contamination of stock, the health of staff and customers alike, and risk the problem spreading to the homes of customers. A more plausible outcome than you might think.  Add this to bad local press, the damage that can be done by negative online reviews, fines and even closures – is your premises protected from a pest infestation?

Commercial Offices

Pest problems could cause huge issues if a sizeable workforce are alarmed by the presence of the pest, as well as the public health risks associated.

Residential Portfolio Landlords

For landlords a pest problem in your residential properties could lead to legal action. If notified infestations are allowed to grow out of hand, or if elements of disrepair can be attributed to pests accessing the homes of your tenants, you could be legally responsible. The big names in news media are posting stories about residential pest problems on mass scale, don’t read your name in an online article. Work to prevent and protect with Key West.

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