Pest Control

Key West Pest Control is a leader in the provision of pest control services. We offer full UK coverage for all needs, whether bird control, rodent control or insect control.

We understand how distressing and disruptive an infestation can be, so we believe in integrated pest management with an emphasis on pest prevention and not just cure.

We operate a consultative approach, proposing solutions that fit your specific industrial and commercial needs rather than using a single solution to suit all.

We take a scientific approach to pest control, using our technical knowledge of insect and animal species’ behavioural patterns and infestation rates. Our products and services range from bird proofing to rodent control and we offer specialist pest treatments across all sectors including: food production, food retail, logistics and leisure.

Pests are an environmental problem and need environmental solutions. Over time they can become immune to some treatments, so we have a commitment to constantly develop new products and services.

Our team is represented on the National Pest Technicians Association this gives you the peace of mind that our pest controllers will provide you with the very best pest protection.

Our Services;